We recently had the pleasure of hosting a live Q&A session with our backers and supporters to address some burning questions and concerns about Vanhawks and the production of the Valour. We realize that not everyone was able to make it to our session so we took the liberty of recording and indexing all of the questions for ease of viewing.

  1. Intro
  2. What’s up with the handlebars?
  3. Does the blind spot detection work?
  4. Why haven’t you designed the Valour for proper fenders?
  5. Do you expect anymore delays?
  6. Why can’t you tell us more than Spring 2015?
  7. Is the red accent gone for good?
  8. When will your mobile app become available?
  9. Why did you choose the Nuvinci n360 over Rohloff/Alfine interal gear hubs?
  10. Did you ever think you would get to this point as a company? Feels like yesterday that Vanhawks was just a Kickstarter project! 
  11. I saw that you guys have a rideable prototype … hows the ride?
  12. What is the roadmap with this bike and future products? 
  13. Why do you only sell online? Are you guys planning to open up the Valour to retailers? I want to try the bike before I commit! 
  14. How do I go about servicing the Valour or replace parts? 
  15. The rear lights and ultrasonic sensors are integrated … will they be durable enough to withstand riding since they are so close to the axle?
  16. What kind of stress test will you be running on the fork and frame?
  17. What about mounts for water bottle holders and air pump?
  18. Are you planning to release an app for Windows phone/Blackberry/wearables? 
  19. I want to be a beta tester! How do I become one?
  20. You offered a naked carbon finish during the Kickstarter but you discontinued it! Why?
  21. Are you planning to release an e-bike version of the Valour? 
  22. Are there plans for an aluminum version of the Valour?
  23. Why don’t you ship to my country? How do I get a Valour? 
  24. Can you tell us what you consider to be one of the biggest challenges of being a startup? 
  25. Are there any startups that exemplify marketing an entirely new consumer product?

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any other questions. We plan to host more Q&A sessions in the future and expect to iron out all the kinks since our first broadcast!

Until then,


~ The Vanhawks Team

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