Christina just finished up her 3rd year at Queen’s University, majoring in Software Design. Through a Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program, Christina is with vanhawks for the next year and a bit, and we’re so happy to have her on board. And yes, she’s our first female hire.

Hey Christina, what do you do?!

My title is UX Developer, and I’ve currently been spending my time working on Front-End Web Development & Design, drafting mockups and creating user experience design decisions. Last week, the design team and I spent a few days talking about one shade of grey.

How did you find out about vanhawks

I met Ali and Niv when they were Frosh Leaders in my first year at Queen’s. They eventually dropped out to pursue vanhawks full-time and their success got the whole computing faculty excited, they won’t shut up about it!

How does vanhawks fit into your lifestyle?

I always enjoyed cycling and in Kingston it was my primary mode of transportation. However, in Toronto, the volume of traffic scares me, so I’m that much more excited for my very own Valour!

Breaking the Ice

I was vanhawks’ first female hire. Everyone seemed to have a misconception of this Boyz Only Club, but I don’t really feel it. Everyone here is passionate about their work and friendly. The only time I really noticed I was the only girl here was when I’d find the toilet seat up in the bathroom, every, single, time *hint hint, boys*.

If you could…

I would become a world renown Snapchat artist. Here are a few screenshots from my portfolio. Let me know what you think.

slack_for_ios_upload slack_for_ios_upload snapchat

Snapchat: @christina-chan
Instagram: @cchawn