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This week, I had a chance to hang out with my friend, Stephen Han, a photographer based out of Toronto. Stephen rediscovered his love for and the joys of cycling almost 3 years ago – bikes aren’t just for kids, and that’s often what many forget. He normally takes his fixed gear out for 25-30km rides and has learned from his experiences that what you bring with you on your ride is just as important as what you ride. As a completely new cyclist, I normally take with me just a bottle of water and my phone, but often wonder what I would do if I ran into troubles with my bike. Stephen was so kind to share with me some of his essentials and give me some tips.

Here’s a peak inside Stephen’s bag:

Giro Synthe Helmet
Nikon D750
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaoudit Lock
Spare Tube
Vittoria Pit Stop
My go-to in case of a flat, easy to use and very effective
Tire Levers
If a puncture in the tubs is too big to seal using Pit Stop, the levers are used to pull the tire off to replace the tube

15mm Wrench
In case of a flat tire, used to take the wheel from the frame
In case any parts become loose

You can follow Stephen on Instagram @_stephenhan