People watching is likely my favourite pastime. Since I’ve made myself at home at Vanhawks, I’ve shifted my attention towards watching cyclists. Our office is located just East of Toronto’s Business District and it’s been such a treat to watch all the cyclists biking to work each day – especially those dressed to impress (I’m seriously impressed). It reassures me that cycling doesn’t always have to be an intense, sweaty, work-out of an excursion, but really is an enjoyable (and healthy) alternative to getting to all the places you need to be, in style.

For those still not convinced that cycling is for you, I’m here to crush one of your cycling woes: dressing well.

1: Greasy chains.

You definitely don’t want to get grease stains on your pants (I love seeing all you suits with your dress pants tucked into your fun socks). Vanhawks has you covered. The Valour is equipped with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive to ensure no additional dry cleaning expenses incur.

2: Visibility and reflective gear.

It’s the law to have lights on your bike (which is why your Valour is already equipped with both front and back lights), but it never hurts to make yourself just a little bit more visible when you’re riding home at night. Typical reflective gear might not be the most flattering, but there are some good options if you look hard enough. Pictured above, is Alex, our Marketing Manager’s favourite Levi’s Commuter jeans and New Balance sneakers.

The Levi’s are not only equipped with reflective cuffs, but with U-lock storage on the waistband so that you don’t have to worry about the lock being a distraction hanging off your bike, or your bag (because you’re not always carrying a backpack). These are made for women too!

The New Balance sneakers have 3M reflective material underneath the perforations to keep your feet cool and visible. It’s tongue is also equipped with a pouch to keep your laces tucked inside your shoes.

I haven’t forgotten about you in dressier attire. Men, you can leave your dress shoes on – the Valour has efficient pedals so you don’t have to be in sneakers. Ladies, I see you on the bus with flats, I know your heels are in your bag or left at the office, so no excuses either.

See more menswear: work appropriate chinosGiro’s trousers, and this super light, button-up shirt.
See more womenswear: fitted riding pants, and water/dirt repellent pants for lower dry-cleaning bills.

3: Arriving to work smelling like flowers.

You should know your body – how much you sweat, how you sweat, etc. which is the first thing to keep in mind when dressing up for your commute. Ladies, it’s not fair. We can’t rock sweat stains quite as well as men can – you can wear a sleeveless blouse for your ride and throw on a cardigan or blazer at work as you please. Gentleman, you probably won’t ever smell like flowers, but by leaving a dress shirt and sports coat hanging on your chair at work, you’ll be able to make a quick change before your morning cup of joe.

Picking up some wipes and/or dry shampoo will keep you looking fresh too.

Or, just pedal slower. You’re not in a race (maybe against time, but you can win that battle by getting up a little earlier), so you don’t need to really break a sweat – unless its 30 degrees outside and everyone’s sweating (including those in cars, or on a bus) and then you’re really free of any and all judgement.

Written by Hanna