I know, it’s been some time now since we’ve shared any updates since our mid-August woes. The team has been working long days and nights to meet shipping dates in October, and we’re on track.

Here’s a quick recap for those that need a refresher.

We took an unconventional path to get the job done. We sent Dave, our Industrial Designer, directly to our Chinese supplier, and were actually told that this was the first time their client went as far as sending a designer directly to them, to work hand in hand with their engineers. Clients are usually more hands-off, typically sending a project or a product manager to oversee the process.

Handlebars at Manufacturers Handlebars

Working this close with the supplier enabled us to make sure that their attention is focused on our project, as well as ensuring that the quality of parts and waterproofing is up to our expectations.

The handlebars were being improved to a more precise consistent stage. While this was happening, the details of development were being sent to our supplier so they could begin working with the newest parts. All of these changes were tiny improvements, not just in design, but of the moulds as well.

So, how did we actually fix our waterproofing issue?

Not only did we make improvements to rubber and plastic parts to fit more snuggly into the handlebar, but we also precisely applied silicone to ensure absolute protection of all the electronics housed in the handlebar from all the elements.

Stay tuned for our next update coming to you soon!