Many of you have asked, and here I have answers! Here’s your first look at the launch version of our iOS and Android App (iOS is shown, but the Android app will be very similar).

We’ve worked hard to create a better, more intuitive user experience for our customers and made changes to aesthetic and UX design. Here are some screenshots of your profile view, onboarding, how you can create routes, and control the Valour. We’re excited to provide you with a more easy to use, and interactive experience.

iOS 1

To make your life simpler, we’ve also implemented In-App Chat Support. If ever you have a question, suggestion, or just feel like chatting (just kidding, we work too), just send us a message via your personal support channel, and a Vanhawks expert will get back to you as soon as they can.


Bonus feature: We’re rolling out Version 1.0 of our Web App! Right now, the functionality of it is very similar to our mobile app. You will be able to see your profile, edit and create routes, and view past activity. We intend to incorporate social aspects to the Web App in the coming months.

One cool feature of the Web App, is that you’re able to draw a custom route. For example: If you know you have more than one destination, maybe you’re running errands, or you know a better route, you’re able to drag and drop multiple points on the map to find the route that suits you best (not the regular route that a routing map would typically suggest). By allowing you to create routes on the Web App you will have the ability to use personal and customized routes on your mobile device. This will let you go above and beyond the general app routing engine.

Currently, mapping apps are not optimized for cycling/commuting. Have you plugged in locations on a map and found yourself stopped, scratching your head, because you have a flight of stairs leading you off a path, or maybe you’re even faced with a dead end? Maybe that app told you to take one street (with absolutely no shoulder room to ride on), when the street parallel to you had a new bike lane installed. As stated in the past, by recording your ride on the Valour you will contribute that data to help future commuters take the most efficient, and bike-friendly path to get to their destination. We’re so excited to empower commuters to help their fellow cyclists by riding the best routes, in their cities, around the world.

Note: Not available in app stores yet!