We’re so excited to share with you the first look of the Valour, in action, when the sun goes down.

My favourite social media outlet as of late has been Instagram.  I’ve had the coolest opportunities to connect with creative and talented individuals and was so lucky to find our featured photographer through this platform. I’ve been a fan of this photographer’s work for so long, and jumped at the chance to work with him!

Rupert Aquino is a Toronto based photographer. The way he so creatively captures his surroundings always has me coming back to his Instagram for more! I knew that his simple and natural shooting style would frame the Valour well, but his final edits blew the entire Vanhawks team away.

Rupert had an opportunity to check out all the features of the Valour in action and explored the streets of Toronto. Bonus: (maybe not for our model, or for people in general) IT WAS RAINING, and we’re happy to report, the Valour is indeed, waterproof.

Check out his photo essay below.


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