By now, you’ve heard: the Valour is waterproof, it looks pretty during the day and badass in the evening, and we’ve revamped the mobile app.

But what you’re all really waiting for, is the day your very own Valour can hit the road – so here’s the latest:

Shipping begins this week. 

  • This first shipment is a smaller batch, and we had to make the tough decision of picking where in the world it will go. We’ve decided for it to be delivered to North America first, and there were many factors that were taken into consideration. The main reason however, was certification in the EU. It took significantly longer to get certification of electronics, and we wanted to get the Valours on the road, sooner.

Our second shipment (and this one’s a big one), will be shipped worldwide soon after, in mid-late November. I know, you’re a little frustrated your Valour likely won’t be in the first delivery, but we’re doing our absolute best. We’re still learning the ins and outs of logistics (much respect to all of you in the industry out there), and have really been working hard to deliver.

Alright, what else!

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about warranty and proof of build for your Valour.

Although you’re welcome to assemble your Valour on your own, the only way you’re able to activate your warranty will be to provide proof of professional build from a reputable bike shop.


Because your Valour isn’t just any other bike. If you choose to assemble your Valour on your own, and something goes wrong with it, there’s absolutely no way of knowing if it was due to faulty assembly, or whether it was a manufacturing defect. Your Valour is also not a traditional steel bike, and the carbon fibre steer tube has to be accurately torqued and properly tightened for safe operation.

  • I know, Youtube can teach you everything and anything, but trust me,  after over 6 months of watching our engineers put together (and take apart) Valours over and over again, there’s still a whole lot I learn every time. It’s not easy, that’s why there are pros. Just take it to a shop.

We’ve been reaching out and establishing partnerships with bike shops in cities worldwide to get all of our customers a reasonable assembly price. We will coordinate with you and the bike shops, to ship the Valour directly to the shop in your area to have your Valour assembled professionally. This way, you can pick up your Valour and have it ready for you to ride home – these details will be provided via email when notifying you that your Valour is ready to be shipped.

COMING UP NEXT: Which cities we’ve connected with and shops we’ve brought on board.