Good news and bad news. Of course, we wish it was all good so, I’ll start there. By March 31st, almost every Valour order will be shipped, fulfilled, and received by our riders. That’s 775 people able to connect to their ride on a daily basis. The bad news is that we wish we could have said that a full year ago. And, we can’t say it enough: Thank you to all our current and soon-to-be Valour riders for your ongoing patience and understanding!


As of March 21st, we expect the last 165 Valours for our US backers will be out for delivery – the final leg of shipping – and the last 185 backers in the EU&UK will have their VAT emails. By March 29th, our final 105 Valours for Canadian backers will delivered or out for delivery. For our 26 Singaporean customers, our 30 Australian customers, and our 2 New Zealand customers, your final shipping tracker will arrive by March 24th. Your Valours are being shipped individually and we aim to have their order fulfilled by March 31st.


From the conception of the world’s first production connected bike, to the challenges we faced in manufacturing up to our standards, to the complexity of a global supply chain; we have learned a long list of hard lessons. We’ve learned from you, our customer, that communication and transparency are an absolute must. We’ve learned that the appeal of the Valour is global but, we also need to improve the experience for our customer.


“So, what are you going to do about it?”


First, communication is key for Vanhawks going forward. We are making a commitment to improve our response time and keep you informed with accurate information.

Second, we are focusing on smarter growth for the next couple of months. The next round of bikes will be shipped to North America only. Concentrating on a smaller, more local market will allow us to concentrate our efforts on supporting a core community. But don’t worry, we plan reaching out globally soon.
It’s been a long wait for many and a chaotic time for Vanhawks. We have been very fortunate that our community has been incredibly patient and we are sincerely sorry for the delays in delivery. Finally, we are excited that the wait is almost over for many of you, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to ride the Valour!