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If you haven’t yet, check out our new online Bike Studio. We made a few changes to assist in picking the right Valour for you. Here’s how to navigate to your perfect fit:

Picking the right Size:

If you navigate to the Studio, you’ll notice the ‘?’ icon next to the ‘Size’ Filter. Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear with a series of measurements to help you find a Valour that fits you. First thing’s first – figure out how tall you are! Most likely, you’ll fit under only one sizing category, but if you’re in between sizes, the next thing to measure is your standover height.

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Imagine that you’re standing over your future Valour. Your feet would be close to hip-width apart, and you should be standing comfortably over the top tube (horizontal part) of the Valour’s frame. Measure the distance between the ground, and your crotch to find the standover height.

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Picking the right Gearing:

The Valour comes in 2 different speeds (and price points): single, and variable. A single speed Valour still has brakes, but only comes in 1 speed, which means you’re unable to shift your gears according to the slope of the road. If you plan on travelling via flat roads, or live in a relatively flat city, the single speed won’t be too much of a challenge to ride. Plus, it’s lighter than the variable speed model.

The variable speed Valour uses a Nuvinci n360 Continuously Variable Transmission. This means you have almost an infinite number of gears, and you’ll be equipped with a very easy to use gear shifter. You can read/watch more about it here. If you live in a hilly-city, the variable speed Valour is for you!

Which Brakes are right for you?

The Valour comes equipped with two mechanical disc brake options. You can choose the Avid BB5 or the Avid BB7. While both offer the same great stopping power, the BB7 offers more adjustability to dial in your preferred lever feel more easily, and a slightly lesser weight.


The different prices reflect the various options currently available for the Valour. Upgrading from the single speed to the NuVinici CVT, and from the Avid BB5 to the Avid BB7 will have an impact on the price of the Valour. Also, the price of the Valour has increased slightly over our original Kickstarter amount. However, given the feedback that we are hearing from our current riders, we are sure that you will still find amazing value in riding the first connected smart bike.

If you’ve been following along and clicking through the Studio, you’re likely left with just a couple options in terms of colour. The great news is, every single colour combination looks great, stands out, and rides just the same, now it’s a matter of your personal preference. Happy shopping!