It seems like we’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Recalculating how we will develop the Vanhawks platform and how we test our software. Recalculating what we need in order to offer ongoing improvements for our riders. We’ve even recalculated how we’ll bring the Valour to new customers in 2017.


Internal testing is ongoing here at Vanhawks. However, with a small team, we are reaching the limits of what we are able to test. The next step is to invite a group of our daily users to be a part of a public beta test phase.

The testing that we have implemented is intended to help us achieve a much more stable a predictable outcome for our everyday riders. The valuable insights that we gain from our everyday riders will help us to improve the Valour much more quickly. Invites to our prospective beta testers will be sent via the Vanhawks app in the coming days. Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

New Retail Partnerships

Starting in 2017, we are partnering with some of the most experienced independent retailers in North America. Mike’s Bikes in California is the first partner to come on board, leading the way with 12 retail locations in the San Francisco Bay area.

Retail partnerships are a key strategy in allowing Vanhawks to reach a new group of riders. Also, there is no replacing the valuable advice and service provided by Mike’s Bikes and our other retail partners. New Valour riders will now have a chance to see and test the bike before they buy.

Read more about our new partnerships in Bicycle Retailer

New Build, New Pricing

Our riders have spoken. We analyzed which colour and build options were most popular with our current Valour owners and some clear trends were evident. As a result, we are making small changes to the options available for next year. Those changes include:

  1. Only NuVinici equipped variable speed Valours will be available. Price: $2399 USD
  2. We will only offer the Black colour option.

However, we will have some remaining stock available in time for Black Friday at original pricing. Check our bike studio now for options, more coming next week!