If it sounds like things have been quiet around here, they haven’t. In fact, our team has been busy getting ready for the season and now, we’re very excited to be finally be able to share some great news. What have we been doing? Let’s get started on the list.


Part of a bigger, better team.

If you haven’t heard already, Vanhawks has been acquired by Ontario-based automotive parts manufacturer, Warren Industries. The move adds a significant amount of stability to our company and, allows our team to focus on the tasks at hand; to make a smarter, safer commute possible for you.

Why would an auto-parts maker and bike company want to join forces?

Both Vanhawks and Warren share a common vision of the future of urban transit – that it will be multi-modal and connected. The increasing density of urban centres, combined with rising costs and levels of pollution, will necessitate change in how and where we live and the way in which we commute.

As pedestrians, bikes, and cars share our roadways in ever greater numbers, striving to make our roads safer becomes a key responsibility of all stakeholders. We believe that connectivity holds the greatest potential to make our roads both safer and more civilized.   We, as partners, believe that data acquisition and analysis will play an essential role in how we move around our cities and how our cities will be shaped in the future

On top of our  shared vision, Warren and Vanhawks are fiercely proud of being Canadian based, and are committed to producing leading-edge products and technologies that can compete on the world stage.

What does Warren Industries bring to the table?

Warren Industries offers much more than just increased financial health to Vanhawks. Their expertise in the automotive manufacturing sector means access to engineering, supply chain, and lean manufacturing know-how. There are many lessons that can be learned from the automotive sector; a fresh perspective from outside of the bicycle industry can really help push the Vanhawks vision to its full potential.

What does it mean for our current customers?

Not much has changed for current Valour owners as Vanhawks continues to operate as an independent brand within the Warren Industries family. With the strength of Warren behind us, our product development and customer success teams will only be getting stronger. All service and warranty agreements remain in tact and, we are continuing to work on improving the platform.

When will we see a new update?

The weather is getting nicer and, many more Valour riders will be commuting by bike in the coming weeks. We are targeting a new app and software release, which improves the overall stability and performance of the Vanhawks platform in the next couple weeks. Currently, we have beta versions of the app available to Valour riders so that they can test the latest. If you are interested in trying it out and offering feedback, please message us through the Vanhawks app by selecting the chat icon in the lower right corner.

Are you still making the Valour?

Yes! We know there are people who have missed out on the chance to get their own Valour. We’re happy to say that we have new inventory available to US and Canada at vanhawks.com/studio We ship within the week so that you can get riding quickly.

We’ll have more updates coming soon and, we couldn’t be more excited for the future!

About Warren Industries

Warren Industries Ltd. is a privately owned, Canadian, auto-parts manufacturer, with plants in Toronto, Canada, Queretaro, Mexico and Wuxi, China. The company produces stampings, welded assemblies and machined components for Tier One and OEM automotive customers. Warren also operates a precision machining division which makes components for the mold and tool and die industry. An Innovation and Technology Centre serves as the cornerstone of Warren’s of engineering group – designing and engineering mechanical and mechatronic components for the automotive, architectural, consumer and healthcare industries.